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About Modine

With over 100 years of experience, Modine is one of the most trusted names in the HVAC manufacturing industry. That’s because, no matter what your heating and air conditioning need is, we make it our mission to ensure that we get the solution right for you.

Whether it’s a custom-engineered product or service after the sale, our number one goal is to give you a heating and air conditioning partner who is easy to work with, while delivering a customer experience that is second to none.

We serve a variety of markets, providing residential unit and patio heaters, commercial rooftop HVAC systems, classroom HVAC and more. Along with these heating and cooling systems, our Hot Dawg® unit heater remains one of the top-selling unit heaters in the world.

In addition to our products, we provide world-class testing facilities to prove out the performance of our engineered products and ensure customers are getting heating and air conditioning solutions that fit their unique requirements.