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Product Training

Modine offers comprehensive courses detailing our broad range of products, professional services, Breeze™ AccuSpec, and detailed descriptions of industry-related concepts.

The classes can be conducted in a variety of settings – at our corporate headquarters in Racine, WI; at our manufacturing locations in Buena Vista, VA or West Kingston, RI; or convenient mobile training right at your office.

Training at our Racine headquarters includes a full tour of the facility and our state-of-the-art sound lab. Students have the opportunity to participate in a hands-on training segment where they complete start-ups and troubleshooting. This experience is part of Modine’s partnership with the HVAC division of Gateway Technical College.

Professional Development Seminars

Our Professional Development Seminars were designed from a joint effort of the Modine HVAC Engineer team and Milwaukee School of Engineering to provide an understanding of HVAC technologies. The various seminars below are offered at each Innovation Tour stop or at your location by request.

To find an Innovation Tour stop close to you, visit:

Basics of Make-up Air (CEU)

  • Purpose of Make-up Air and Unit Solutions
  • Space Pressure Strategies
  • Temperatur Controls
  • Other Control Considerations
    • Occupied/Unoccupied
    • Blower Control

Introduction to Water Source Heat Pumps (CEU)

  • Water Source Heat Pumps Benefits
  • Potential Energy Sources
  • Basic Systems and Components
  • Different Styles of Heat Pumps and Their Applications

Alphabet Soup (CEU & NATE)

  • Standard and Programs for Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Develop an Understanding of Regulations, Agencies, and Requirments of Water Source Heat Pumps
  • When and Where Standards Apply
  • Monetary Impacts of Standards

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems Basics (CEU)

  • Useful Definitions
  • Features and Advantages of DOAS Units
  • The Challenge of Conditioning Ventilation Air
  • Selecting a DOAS Unit
  • Efficiency Explained

Venting of Unit Heaters (CEU/NATE)

  • Review Current Rules and Regulations
  • Understand Vent Category Criteria
    • Cat I, II, III and IV
  • Proper Venting Techniques and Materials

Gas Fired Heating for Commercial Heating Equipment (CEU)

  • Review of Make-up Air Applications
  • Identify Types of Room Pressurization Applications
  • Design Requirements for Comfort vs. Make-up Air Heating
  • Applications for Direct and Indirect Fired Heating
  • Review of Condensing Indirect Fired Furnaces
  • Opportunities for Condensing Furnace Rebates

Indoor Air Quality and Design Strategies to Resolve Economizer Code Conflicts (CEU)

  • Ventilation Requirements - AHSRAE 62.1
    • Ventilation Rate Procedure (VRP)
    • Indoor Air Quality Procedure (IAQP)
    • Natural Ventilation Procedure (NVP)
  • Energy Code Economizer Requirements
    • ASHRAE 90.1
    • International Energy Conservation Code
  • Review of System Design Strategies for Code Compliance

Sound Principles of HVAC Equipment (CEU)

  • Sound Basics
    • Sound Pressure
    • Sound Power
    • Sound Intensity
  • Review and Application of Sound Standards
  • Test Methods for Sound Pressure

Bringing Fresh Air into Classrooms (CEU)

  • Standards and Building Codes for Ventilating a Classroom
  • Develop an Understanding of:
    • ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1 - Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality
    • International Building Codes (IBC) and National Building Codes
  • Factor to Consider when Ventilation a Classroom
  • Heating/Cooling Source Options for Ventilating a Classroom
  • Test Method for Sound Power

Sizing Water Source Heat Pumps (CEU/NATE)

  • Sizing Example at Standard and Installed Conditions
  • Overview of Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Overview of Standards
  • Performance and Efficiency Ratings
  • Sizing Overview

Advancements in Energy Recovery for Dedicated Outside Air Systems (CEU)

  • Primary Function and Advantages of DOAS Units
  • How Energy Recovery Works
  • Energy Saving Example
  • Important Features
  • Maintenance