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Unit Ventilators

Under The Window Unit Ventilator

Modine's under-the-window unit ventilator keeps an established product up-to-date with an impressive list of features and options. It is designed to blend in with the architectural integrity of your school, both inside and out. And, more importantly, it’s an invaluable investment in supplying the required fresh air to your classrooms. The Valedictorian is available in 750; 1,000; 1,250 and 1,500 CFM.

  • Reduced noise
  • Improved efficiency
  • Exceptional retrofit/replacement capability
  • Multiple sizes and options
  • Chilled water cooling coil
  • Modulating economizer damper providing 100% free cooling and minimum fresh air requirements
  • 14 gauge cabinet panels
  • Textured, fingerprint free hammertone finish

  • Hot water heating coil
  • Face & bypass
  • Factory supplied controls
  • Hot water and chilled water valve and piping packages
  • Multiple rear extension/adapter inlet air arrangements
  • Subbases
  • Utility compartments
  • Wall sleeves
  • Outside air louvers