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Geothermal Heat Pumps

Airedale SchoolMate® Water/Ground Source Heat Pump

Combining the natural heat sink of the earth with Modine’s patented CF® coil, the SchoolMate water/ground source heat pump maximizes energy efficiency, saving schools thousands of dollars annually. It requires less HVAC equipment space and reduces operating costs.

  • Modine’s patented CF microchannel evaporator coil offers a higher level of efficiency and smaller footprint
  • Modulating EC fan motors allow variable speeds for fluctuating load conditions and energy savings
  • One-piece door with side air vents for quiet operation
  • Advanced blower and compressor technologies for decreased sound and power output
  • No plenum required for additional hot gas reheat, hot-water or electric heat coils
  • DX coil and two heating coils fit inside a standard unit, reducing installation time and the need for optional equipment
  • Front access to all components for ease-of-service
  • Increased fan capabilities overcome high static pressures, allowing for more flexible applications and installations

  • Wall sleeve and rear extension for customized solutions
  • Discharge plenums (acoustic option available)
  • Duct shrouds
  • Outdoor louvers
  • Humidity sensor
  • Side trims
  • 100% economizer/mixing damper
  • Sound-deadening compressor acoustic wrap for even quieter operation
  • Energy recovery wheel with up to 500 CFM of recovery
  • BACnet or LonWorks compatible with the Modine Controls System
  • Split configurations available
  • Hot water or steam heating coil
  • Hot water valve and piping packages
  • Hot gas reheat with head pressure control for dehumidification
  • MERV 16 filtration
  • Vibration mat